Metal Balusters Add Value and Will Sell Your Home Faster

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Metal Balusters Add Value, Beauty, and Will Sell Your Home Faster

Let’s face it – metal balusters are the best way to enhance the look of that old staircase.  The look is rich and classy, and will generate more compliments than almost any other feature in your home.  Every time I bring a buyer into the foyer of a home with wrought iron balusters they swoon.  Because the foyer is their first impression of the interior, they immediately adjust the lens that they are viewing your home through.  It becomes more favorable, less critical, and certainly more forgiving.  As a seller, you’ll want every available advantage over your competition without necessarily spending more than them.

So, will installing metal balusters add value to your home?  The answer is – of course it will!  It’s hard to quantify, but I will tell you that on average homes with metal balusters will sell more quickly, and closer to their list price.  The return on investment can be very high depending on what you spend.  The do-it-yourselfer can knock this project out on an average sized stairs metal balusterstaircase for around $1,000.  The labor is where it gets expensive – it can bring the project up to $3,500 in some areas for the same sized staircase.  Even with the addition of the cost of labor from a qualified installer can make this project a winner.   When you consider how quickly a seller  will drop his price $5,000 to gain some traffic, new balusters will seem like a bargain.

Some of you will want to know how difficult is it to tackle yourself?  Luckily, there are many articles, videos, and tutorials dedicated to just this project.  A company called Woodwork Solutions has a great little video (seen here that shows you how to complete the project in just one day!  Probably a good idea to give yourself a couple of weekends for the project, and make sure to do a lot of prep.  Another great step-by-step guide comes from D.I.Y By Example with this link:  Both links have pretty detailed instruction and include many photos and/or video.

Whether you’re adding a new railing, or swapping out wood ones, definitely consider adding metal balusters when you dive into that next home project – you’ll be happy you did.

Check out some of these before and after photos from to give you a good idea of what you can expect.

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