Hottest Fireplace Trends of 2014

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Hottest Fireplace Trends for 2014

Over the years, fireplaces have been a familiar feature in many homes, however until very recently, they have undergone very little change from the traditional hearth. According to Napoleon Fireplaces, fireplace trends in 2014 are heating up to be a very different year for this warm and inviting home element. Fireplaces are becoming the design focus for many rooms in the house and with new technological advances it’s now possible to do more with the fireplace than ever before.

“We’re seeing some very interesting home designs that incorporate fireplaces in many creative new ways,” said David Coulson, of Napoleon Fireplaces. “While the traditional hearth will be a mainstay for many homes, modern fireplaces with crisp lines and glass frames will continue to rise in popularity with new homes and redesigned rooms. That being said we’re seeing several new trends emerge this season that are really changing the way people are thinking about fireplaces.”

Coulson suggests keeping the following hot fireplace trends in mind when looking for a new fireplace this season.
•  Modern: The upcoming season will continue the trend of sleek and modern fireplaces. Look for clean, linear lines with less metal and more glass. People want the full flame and don’t want black or chrome metal frames blocking the view or interfering with the lighting.fireplace trends
•   Gas: Gas fireplaces will continue to rise in popularity this season. The convenience of flicking a switch compared to collecting, piling and lighting firewood is quickly winning out. The younger generation of fireplace buyers want a quick lighting fireplace that is cleaner and easier to maintain.

•   Outdoors: 2014 will be a big year for the outdoor fireplace as people create or expand on their backyard oasis. The idea of turning a backyard into another room of your house is fueling the outdoor fireplace trend and Napoleon has developed several new models to accommodate this demand.outdoor gas fireplace trends
•   Heat rises: Much like HD televisions, consumers are placing their fireplace inserts higher up on the wall. New technology allows for home owners to insert enclosed gas fireplaces almost anywhere in the house and many people are taking inspiration from designers who are playing with the traditional ideas of where you find a fireplace.

•   Unlikely locations: Much like the migration of fireplaces up the wall, more fireplaces are being installed in unlikely rooms. For example, Napoleon makes several models which are ideally suited for the kitchen or bathroom. These fireplace trends, however, are typically used to decorate the room.Bathroom fireplace trends  In the end, every room is different so it’s important to find the right fireplace that fits.

 Source: Napoleon Fireplaces

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